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This site is entirely in Italian, I hope to soon be able to make it visible in a version with all the pages translated for those using a different language, be patient please.
This page is intended as a gesture of welcome and addresses, already servant 'and willingly abroad, then write me ... thanks and good surfing!
write to: mail@calligrafo.com

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Dear visitor ...
generally arrives here for
AMANUENSICA ( handwriting ) and CALLIGRAPHY, is certainly pleased with the practical and in all its forms. I have divided this very broad in more 'pages, where you can' learn a little more 'every single branch, all these then compete or need to its successful implementation.

Turning to the site we can 'meet also in other, which generally also gravitates always and still craft, vast field, where I think, project, salvage, and perhaps even dream where I realise.

I believe that content and related links will increase inevitably tell you I do not know more 'for the time being,
but come, counted on what 'because' there 'for others in those hours bottono empty.

If you have info useful for improving the site, will be very welcome, for questions about the little I know,
if in the small and fast, and 'free course.

For those who want to learn in my fields,
the speech of the courses is maturing.

(Occasionally, maybe look here?)

Readme please :

In the pages of this site may sometimes be required to accept or not 'ActiveX controls and scripts, there are but only for reasons of broswe-programming. From here you will receive not 'anything wrong, and then press I AGREE and YES
, generally everything 'serves only for cycling photos or to activate, where there are, music or videos and I hope you enjoy all in peace.

Thank you for having read
and good visit this website


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